Crystal InQuest specializes in the efficient creation, deployment and delivery of trading strategies for the financial futures markets by combining deep learning technologies with innovative approaches to attain superior and consistent alpha returns.

Innovative platform

Crystal Inquest is bringing an innovative deep learning platform for the financial futures markets to achieve consistent alpha returns offering a growing and dynamic catalogue of certified strategies for a particular market.

By processing vast sums of market price data at the most granular level, our technology has demonstrated a unique ability to achieve a consistent edge independent of market direction by detecting patterns faster than any human could and generate multiple tradable strategies in a single market to enhance consistent alpha performance.

Although machine learning is making significant inroads in the financial service industry, extracting the real value requires a considerable amount of time, talent, resources, risk and investment. We help our clients increasing their operational efficiencies by outsourcing R&D and model risk.

Quant Finance Deep Learning

Crystal InQuest innovative platform efficiently deploys multiple collaborative deep learning trading and investment strategies for a futures market.

Quantitative finance is moving into a new era. Traditional quant skills are no longer adequate to deal with the latest challenges in finance.

Crystal InQuest is a Vancouver, B.C.-based technology company founded by Dr Nathan Nifco to automate and streamline the modelling, training, testing, reinforcing, deployment, and delivery of innovative tradable investment strategies.

The enterprise has successfully applied its deep learning technology to the trading of the equity and fixed income futures markets free of emotional and behavioral flaws inherent in the conventional ways of trading and investing.

To access sample returns from our deep learning strategies applied in 2020:


Our platform, products and services provide a constant edge in the machine and deep learning quantitative finance domain for asset management companies. Our cutting-edge technology is licensed to hedge funds, family office, institutional, pension plan, high-net-worth and sovereign wealth fund clients.

The delivery of our products and services is via Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based infrastructure through the following models:

  • DaaS (Data as a Service) model to subscribers of tradable signals,
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) model to professional clients of tradable strategies.
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service) model to institutional clients of our platform.


Crystal Inquest is currently a pre-revenue investment opportunity. The company will generate initial revenue from the licensing of its proprietary cloud-based platform, machine learning services and tradable signals subscriptions.

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